Spreading the word at RSPB Weekend
Posted on Friday 5 May 2017, 03:14

Nature After Minerals (NAM) was one of the programmes featured at the recent RSPB Weekend at the University of Nottingham.

The weekend provides an opportunity for RSPB members and supporters from across the country to enjoy an occasion to come together and learn more about the Society’s work and objectives, up close.

The three-day event is made up of a range of presentations and workshops on all sorts of different subjects and are mainly provided by RSPB staff and guest speakers.

NAM was pleased to take part in the event, with Helen Barnard, the programme’s manager, giving a talk to some 200 supporters over two sittings, to provide a potted history of NAM’s objectives and achievements in its 10th anniversary year and its plans for the future, continuing to work with minerals restoration stakeholders to provide homes for nature and restorative places for people to visit.

We always welcome the chance to let more of the general public know about the great potential the right sorts of minerals restorations represent for helping to support species and give nature a home, as well offer superb places for people to visit and get up close to the natural environment.  In a world where we need minerals to provide our everyday basic needs Рfrom toothpaste to motorways and hospitals Рminerals extraction and provision for nature can exist side-by-side, if restoration work creates the right sorts of priority habitat in the right places and at a sustainable level.


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